Chaos’ lair

I was drinking beer with two other strangers. Their faces reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t grasp exactly who. We were sitting in a circle over the grass, in front of the University Campus’ main building. Then it came back to me. She was a friend from elementary school, we met when we were on 5th grade. He was an old chum from the  University, a weed smoker who skipped classes to roll a joint under the poplars outside the Dean’s office. The three of us were drunk like a dog’s tail, but still I took the wheel and started the engine. The next thing I knew, I was driving into a maze of alleys where the truck got stuck. It was impossible to drive back, so I left the vehicle there and continued on foot. At first, there were plenty of open doors going everywhere, but I left them as they were and kept going nowhere, looking for nothing in particular. After a while I would only find closed doors and all the paths looked the same. My pals had left me stranded in drunkness, and I felt alone and lost. But then someone yelled at my back. I turned over. He was pointing upwards and–with another finger to his lips–warned me about the little child that was laying in between floors of a fire escape. The kid was covered in muddy clothes, and cardboard boxes, and newspapers. I couldn’t tell if s/he was alive. I couldn’t hear her/his breath, nor see his/her chest moving. But I knew s/he was the personification of chaos and that I had been trapped by my incompetence once again…


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